Grants & Proposals

Melanie has written, edited, and formatted hundreds of proposals covering a wide variety of engineering, environmental, community planning, and funding-related opportunities. Since 2018, she has helped private clients obtain over 10 million dollars in expected revenue. Her proposal services include:

  • Grants and requests for proposals/qualifications (RFP/Qs);
  • Proposal writing, editing, and proofreading;
  • Content strategy assistance; and
  • Funding source identification and research.


Professional Communications

With a professional background in marketing, Melanie understands the positive effects well-written communication can have on a business. She has experience in writing and editing a wide variety of marketing, technical, and business documents and communications. Her services include:

  • UX writing;
  • Accessibility review;
  • Internal and external written business communications, such as emails, missives, press releases, and newsletters;
  • Resume and CV writing and formatting;
  • Cover letter and professional statement writing and editing; and
  • Proofreading and editing written content prior to release.


Academic Text

Whether for continuing education or class work assistance, Melanie provides tutoring, editing, and proofreading services. As an educator, her goal is to help her students improve their understanding of and skills in writing. As an academic editor and proofreader, she helps her clients stylistically clarify and grammatically improve their writing. Her services include:

  • Professional presentations on topics, including writing basics, crafting effective sentences, technical writing, and Section 508/WCAG compliance;
  • One-on-one or group tutoring in writing for businesses or professionals;
  • Reading and writing tutoring for students; and
  • Proofreading and editing for professional and student academic writing.


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Want to discuss your project? Please contact Melanie for a consultation and/or quote! Do you need help with a writing project not listed above? Reach out anyway to see if she can help!

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