Welcome to Modern Lore!

Welcome to Modern Lore, a blog focused on helping us all be better writers. My hope is that the posts in this blog will be able to provide accessible writing aid to those who want it, no matter the genre. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • Writing help,
  • Language facts, and
  • Technology and AI resources. 


Why Modern Lore?

When talking with friends and family about starting this blog, the question that came up the most was “why call it Modern Lore?” It’s a good question; the name suggests that this is a blog for storytellers rather than everyday people. To me, that makes the name all the more fitting, because in a way, we’re all both storytellers and everyday people. We’ve all got something to tell, and stories are essential to the human experience. They are in everything we see, do, say, and feel. So why not Modern Lore? We are all living stories with our very own lore, whether kept secret, ready to tell, or in the making.

I look forward to learning with you!